I first realised the need for an automated dispensing solution during my student clinical studies at Endeavour College of Natural Health. I was always looking for ways to improve the accuracy and efficiency of my formulas while attempting to reduce the stress involved in working with such a wide range of herbal products in what was a fast-paced clinical environment.  

At first, I developed my own herbal prescription formulator as an automated Excel spreadsheet to assist in quickly recalling dosage ranges for the different herbal brands. I found this to be so beneficial that I decided to pursue the development of a smartphone app with additional features, which could be used by other students and practitioners.

In 2015, I joined the Griffith University IT Industry Project program, and with the assistance of a team of IT students, Herbal-Pro was developed and made available in Apple and Google Play app stores later that year.

As the use of Herbal-Pro has continued to grow among students and practitioners within the industry, I have continued to work with IT students from Griffith University and other developers to further evolve Herbal-Pro's functionality and user interface, with the aim to make it one of the must-have apps, particularly for students.


In 2016, I decided to expand my range of tools by introducing a series of automated excel spreadsheets, which could be conveniently downloaded and used on laptops and desktops. This was when the "Naturopathic Tools" business was formed.

The Naturopathic Tools vision is to assist students and practitioners in improving the accuracy and efficiency of their dispensing with the use of automated tools.

The story

Melissah Schulz Naturopath and founder of NaturopathicTools
Melissah Schulz

Founder of Naturopathic Tools

Naturopath & owner of Inside-Out Natural Health

BHSc (Naturopathic Medicine)

BHSc (Western Herbal Medicine)