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Herbal-Pro user manual

Frequently asked questions


What devices can Herbal-Pro be used on?

Herbal-Pro is currently only available for Android devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Can I use Herbal-Pro on my desktop or laptop computer?

Unfortunately, Herbal-Pro is currently only available as a native app for smart phones and tablets. If you are looking for an alternative which can be used on desktops and laptops, check out the Downloads page for other tools available in MS Excel format. There is a Herbal prescription formulator which has very similar functionality to the app and contains all the same herb data.

Why won't the app work on my smart phone or tablet device?

If you are using Herbal-Pro for the first time, the database needs to download to your device. This requires a strong internet connection or wifi access. If your download appears to have frozen, please check your connection and try again. This may require you to uninstall and re-install the app. If you are using an Android device, you will need to purchase the new Herbal-Pro app which was released 4 April 2018. The previous app has had some technical issues and is no longer available and we have not been able to publish an update. However, if you have already purchased the old app, please email me at so i can arrange to provide you with the updated app free of charge.

How accurate and up to date is the herb data in Herbal-Pro?

Herbal-Pro contains herbal monographs as made available from various herbal manufacturers and online databases. A full list of references is also available on this website. This data is progressively reviewed thoughout the year with the intention to update any changes at least once per year. Please note as the review process is currently a manual process, changes may take some time to be updated. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure all information is correct when dispensing. Herbal-Pro is only intended to be used as a guide and a tool to assist. Please refer to the disclaimer in the information section of the app for more details. If you have any suggestions for updates to the Herbal-Pro database, please email them to

How do I use Herbal-Pro?

1. Select the brand/s you want to search from and which actions you would like to include in your formula. You can select as many different actions as you like. 2. Tap the "update search list" button to return a full list of herbs from your chosen brand/s which contain any combination of the actions chosen. 3. Tap to herb to expand the section and view more details about that herb. 4. Tab the "+" to your chosen herbs into your final formula where you can then adjust the volumes and dosage instructions. You can also apply child dosage rules here too. See the Help page for a full video tutorial and to download the PDF user manual.

I previously purchased Herbal-Pro from Google Play do I have to pay for it again to get the new version?

No. If you previously purchased Herbal-Pro and you would like to get the new app, please email me at so I can arrange to provide you the updated app free of charge. Unfortunately, due to technical issues with the previous app, we have not been able to released the fix as a new version, which is why this is now a new app.

Why can't I find Herbal-Pro in the Apple app store?

Herbal-Pro was previously available for Apple devices, but has since been removed from the store as it is no longer compatible with the latest Apple platform requirements. If you have already downloaded and installed the app, it should continue to work on your current device, but may not be compatible with future devices.